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Hierarchy List

Hierarchies carried by News.Individual.NET including description and retention time:
Name Description Language [Encoding] Retention
24hoursupport.* independent volunteers help with computer problems English 857 days
3dfx.* Support for Products of 3dfx English 857 days
abg.* Augsburg, Germany German 857 days
acadia.* Acadia University, Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada English, French 857 days
adobe.* Support for Products of Adobe English 857 days
alabama.* Alabama, USA English 857 days
alt.* Alternate Hierarchy
Groups are added on user request only
(no alt.binaries.*, alt.mag.*, alt.sex, alt.sex.*)
English 857 days
ar.* Argentina
(without ar.binarios.*)
Spanish 857 days
at.* Austria German 857 days
atl.* Atlanta, Georgia, USA English 857 days
aus.* Australia English 857 days
austin.* Austin, Texas, USA English 857 days
autodesk.* Support for Products of Autodesk Mainly English 857 days
az.* Arizona English 857 days
ba.* San Francisco bay area English 857 days
bc.* British Columbia, Canada English 857 days
be.* Belgium Flemish, French 857 days
bih.* Bosnia and Herzegovina
(without bih.*binaries*)
Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian 857 days
bionet.* Biology and Biochemistry English 857 days
bit.* BITNET mailing lists English 857 days
biz.* Business English 857 days
bln.* Berlin, Germany German 857 days
bne.* Brisbane, Queensland, Australia English 857 days
borland.* Support for Products of Borland
(without borland.public.attachments)
English 857 days
boulder.* Boulder, Colorado, USA English 857 days
brasil.* Brasil Portuguese 857 days
braunschweig.* Braunschweig, Germany German 857 days
ca.* California, USA English 857 days
cakewalk.* Support for Products of Cakewalk English 857 days
calgary.* Calgary, Alberta, Canada English 857 days
cam.* Cambridge, UK English 857 days
can.* Canada English, French 857 days
canb.* Canberra, Australia English 857 days
cern.* CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) English 857 days
ch.* Switzerland multilingual 857 days
chi.* Chicago, USA English 857 days
chile.* Chile
(without chile.binarios.*)
Spanish 857 days
chinese.* Chinese Chinese [GB2312] 857 days
christnet.* christian topics English 857 days
cn.* China Chinese [GB2312] 857 days
cna.* News of "Central News Agency" Chinese [BIG5] 857 days
co.* Colorado, USA English 857 days
codewarrior.* Support for the CodeWarrior Family of Products English 857 days
comp.* Computer
(without comp.binaries.*)
English 857 days
corel.* Support for Products of Corel English 857 days
creative.* Support for Products of Creative Labs English 857 days
cz.* Czech Republic Czech 857 days
dc.* Washington, D.C., USA English 857 days
de.* German Language
(without de.alt.dateien.*)
German 857 days
demon.* Support Groups of the British ISP Demon English 857 days
dictator.* The Dictators Handbook Forum English 857 days
dk.* Denmark
(without dk.binaer.*)
Danish 857 days
ed.* Edinburgh, Scotland English 857 days
edm.* Edmonton, Alberta, Canada English 857 days
ee.* Estonia Estonian 857 days
england.* England English 857 days
es.* Spain
(without es.alt.binarios.*)
Spanish 857 days
esp.* Spanish Language
(without esp.binarios.*)
Spanish 857 days
europa.* Europe multilingual 857 days
fa.* International mailing lists English 857 days
ffm.* Frankfurt on the Main, Germany German 857 days
fido.ger.* German FIDO-Net German 857 days
fido7.* Russian FIDO-Net Russian [Cyrillic] 857 days
finet.* Finnish Language Finnish 857 days
fj.* Japan
(without fj.binaries.*)
Japanese [KANJI, KATAKANA] 857 days
fl.* Florida English 857 days
fr.* France French 857 days
france.* France French 857 days
free.* Entirely unregulated newsgroups
Groups are added on user request only
(without free.*binar*)
multilingual 857 days
ger.* Heise-Verlag (Magazines iX and c't) German 857 days
gnu.* GNU Software English 857 days
gov.* Government Information English 857 days
grk.* Greece and Greek Language Greek 857 days
hamburg.* Hamburg, Germany German 857 days
hamster.* News and Mail Server "hamster" multilingual 857 days
han.* Korean
(without han.binaries.*)
Korean [HANGUL] 857 days
hannover.* Hanover, Germany German 857 days
hawaii.* Hawaii, USA English 857 days
hfx.* Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada English 857 days
hiv.* HIV-related issues English 857 days
hk.* Hongkong
(without hk.binaries.*)
Chinese [BIG5] 857 days
houston.* Houston, USA English 857 days
hr.* Croatia
(without hr.*.binaries)
Croatian 857 days
hsv.* Huntsville, USA English 857 days
humanities.* Humanities English 857 days
hun.* Hungary Hungarian 857 days
idoctra.* Languages and Translations English 857 days
ie.* Ireland English 857 days
in.* Indiana, USA English 857 days
info.* International mailing lists English 857 days
is.* Iceland Icelandic 857 days
israel.* Israel English 857 days
it.* Italy
(without it.binari.*)
Italian 857 days
it-alt.* Alternate Italian Hierarchy
In compliance with www.linuxfan.it/it-alt
(without it-alt.binari.*)
Italian 857 days
italia.* Italy Italian 857 days
japan.* Japanese
(without japan.binaries.*)
Japanese [KANJI, KATAKANA] 857 days
jaring.* Jaring, Malaysia (ISP) English 857 days
k12.* American Kid-Net, "kindergarten through 12th grade" English 857 days
ka.* Karlsruhe, Germany German 857 days
kassel.* Kassel, Germany German 857 days
kiel.* Kiel, Germany German 857 days
kl.* Kaiserslautern
(without internal groups of the university), Germany
German 857 days
kw.* Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada English 857 days
la.* Los Angeles, California, USA English 857 days
linux.* Operating System Linux
(without linux.binaries.*)
English 857 days
luebeck.* Lübeck, Germany German 857 days
macromedia.* Support for Products of Macromedia English 857 days
malta.* Malta English 857 days
maus.* MAUS-Net German 857 days
melb.* Melbourne, Australia English 857 days
mex.* Mexican newsgroups Spanish 857 days
mi.* Michigan, USA English 857 days
microsoft.* Support for Products of Microsoft multilingual 857 days
misc.* Miscellaneous English 857 days
mn.* Minnesota, USA English 857 days
mtl.* Montréal, Québec, Canada English, French 857 days
muc.* Munich, Germany German 857 days
muenster.* Münster, Germany German 857 days
nashville.* Nashville, Tennessee, USA English 857 days
nb.* New Brunswick, Canada English 857 days
nbg.* Nuremberg, Germany German 857 days
ne.* New England area, USA English 857 days
netobjects.* Support for Products of NetObjects English 857 days
netscape.* Support for Products of Netscape English 857 days
news.* Newssystem und -software English 857 days
nf.* Newfoundland, Canada English 857 days
ni.* Northern Ireland English 857 days
nl.* Netherlands Dutch 857 days
nlo.* For Open Source developers English, Dutch 857 days
no.* Norway Norwegian 857 days
nord.* Northern Germany German 857 days
north.* Weser-Ems Area, Germany German 857 days
novell.* Support for Products of Novell English 857 days
nrw.* North Rhine Westphalia, Germany German 857 days
ns.* Nova Scotia, Canada English 857 days
ntl.* NTL, UK (ISP) English 857 days
ny.* New York State, USA English 857 days
nyc.* New York City, USA English 857 days
nz.* New Zealand English 857 days
oecher.* Aachen, Germany German 857 days
oesterreich.* Alternate Austrian Hierarchy German 857 days
ok.* Oklahoma, USA English 857 days
ont.* Ontario, Canada English 857 days
openwatcom.* Open Watcom Fortran 77, C, and C++ Compilers English 857 days
opera.* Support for Products of Opera Software English 857 days
or.* Oregon, USA English 857 days
ott.* Ottawa, Canada English, French 857 days
owl.* Ostwestfalen-Lippe, Germany German 857 days
pbinfo.* Paderborn, Germany German 857 days
pdx.* Portland, Oregon, USA English 857 days
perl.* Perl Programming English 857 days
pgh.* Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA English 857 days
pgsql.* All about PostgreSQL (Open Source Database) English 857 days
phl.* Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA English 857 days
phx.* Phoenix, Arizona, USA English 857 days
pilot.* Support for Pilot Users English 857 days
pl.* Poland Polish 857 days
pnw.* Pacific North-West (USA / Canada) English 857 days
pt.* Portugal
(without pt.binarios)
Portuguese 857 days
qc.* Québec, Canada French, English 857 days
rec.* Recreation English 857 days
redhat.* Linux Distribution Redhat English 857 days
relcom.* Russian Russian [Cyrillic] 857 days
revue.* Computer Network University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany German 857 days
rhein.* Rhein area (Cologne and Bonn), Germany German 857 days
ruhr.* Ruhr area, Germany German 857 days
rwth.* RWTH Aachen (University), Germany German 857 days
saar.* Saarland, Germany German 857 days
sbay.* South Bay region, USA English 857 days
school.* International School Net English 857 days
schule.* German School Net German 857 days
sci.* Science English 857 days
scot.* Scotland English 857 days
scout.* Scouts and Guides multilingual 857 days
scruz.* Santa Cruz, California, USA English 857 days
sdnet.* San Diego, California, USA English 857 days
se.* Sweden Swedish 857 days
seattle.* Seattle, USA English 857 days
sfnet.* Finland Finnish 857 days
sg.* Singapore Chinese, Malay, Tamil, English 857 days
shamash.* Jewish groups Hebrew, English 857 days
si.* Slovenia Slovenian 857 days
sk.* Slovakia Slovak 857 days
soc.* Society English 857 days
spline.* Studentisches Projekt LInux NEtz German 857 days
staroffice.* Support for Staroffice multilingual 857 days
stgt.* Stuttgart, Germany German 857 days
stl.* St. Louis, Missouri, USA English 857 days
swnet.* Sweden Swedish 857 days
sybase.* Support for Products of Sybase English 857 days
syd.* Sydney, New South Wales, Australia English 857 days
talk.* Talks English 857 days
thur.* Thuringia, Germany German 857 days
tmnet.* TM Net, Malaysia (ISP) English 857 days
tnn.* The Network News Japanese 857 days
tor.* Toronto, Canada English, French 857 days
triangle.* Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA English 857 days
tw.* Taiwan Chinese [BIG5] 857 days
tx.* Texas, USA English 857 days
ufra.* Lower Franconia, Germany German 857 days
uk.* Britain, "United Kingdom" English 857 days
ukr.* Ukraine and Ukranian language newsgroups Ukrainian 857 days
ulm.* Ulm, Germany German 857 days
umontreal.* Université de Montréal, Québec, Canada English 857 days
us.* USA English 857 days
utah.* Utah, USA English 857 days
van.* Vancouver, Canada English, French 857 days
vmsnet.* Operating System VMS English 857 days
vmware.* Support for Products of VMware English 857 days
wa.* Western Australia English 857 days
wales.* Wales English, Welsh 857 days
wallonie.* Wallonie French 857 days
wanadoouk.* Wanadoo, UK (ISP) English 857 days
wash.* Washington, USA English 857 days
wi.* Wisconsin, USA English 857 days
wolfsburg.* Wolfsburg, Germany German 857 days
wpg.* Winnipeg, Canada English 857 days
xs4all.* XS4ALL, Netherlands (ISP) Dutch 857 days
yu.* Yugoslavia multilingual 857 days
z-netz.* BBS net "Z-Netz" German 857 days
za.* South Africa and Afrikaans English, Afrikaans 857 days

Hierarchy missing?

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